Free startup ideas


An ever growing list of random startup ideas in no particular order...

- CCG with full online/offline integration

Collectible card game (like mtg) with a good client that recognizes cards and can put them into your account. Cards would have a unique number such that they can only be claimed by one account (some care must be taken here). Upselling through the online client, possibly with dispensing physical cards 1:1. The client would allow online play against other players or a single player mode, with only your cards.

- Broker for future inheritances

Who needs money when they're dead. You would broker sales of the inheritance of old people. With the population ageing there's plenty of people that have a reason not to care much about their inheritance. What if they could sell it ahead of their time? It's a bit of a gamble and the rules will be weird but the ageing person would receive money before their death to have fun with and the other party gets a random inventory of inheritance. Of course you'll have to deal with scams, angry family, protecting the inheritance between payment and death, etc. Good luck to you.

- Baby pacifier that stays put

If you have kids you'll know about this one. Sell a pacifier that doesn't pop out every five minutes. Fresh parents will throw their money at you.

- Something that tastes like CocaCola but you can drink it without health repercussions

Like, water with a strong taste :) Oh that's what it is, well then fix the health problem!

- Digital Rubiks Cube

A physical cube with leds for each face, bluebooth connection to whatever, an app to drive the color of each face. Not to cheat but to practice. You put the cube in a certain position and you do whatever you're trying to practice. Reset and restart. It shouldn't be hard to do that, the hardware is small enough for it. Somebody just has to build it.